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Sam McLurkin
Clown Unit

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Clown Unit History

Nabbar Temple Clown Unit was started in August of 1977. During this time, Noble E. Roland Jr. was the Illustrious Potentate. He had a vision, so he sent Noble George Allen Jr. and Noble Wallace C. Maffett to Miami, Florida to gather information on how to initiate a Clown Unit.While in Miami gathering tools on how to initiate a Clown Unit, they were given information on the art of clowning, clowning regulations, make-up techniques, wardrobe and preparing by-laws. Upon returning from Miami, an election was held, and Noble Wallace C. Maffett was named Chief Jester. They were first called the NABEAR Clown Unit. Nobel George Allen jr. was named as Director of the Clown Unit. The unit was started with 5 Clowns in 1977, and since that time, membership has grown to over 52 Clowns. Currently, there are 27 active Noble Clowns. The Clown unit has won numerous awards (personal and as a unit). In 1984 through 1987, the NABEAR Clown Unit was named best Clown Unit. Noble Wallace C. Maffett, Noble George Allen, Noble Sam McLurkin and Noble Maurice Esters have all been named best overall clown at Imperial Sessions.

Previously, Nabber Clow Unit was called the “Junkyard.” In 2000 under the leadership of Chief Jester Maurice Esters, the name was changed to the Sam McLurkin Clown Unit in honor of Noble Sam McLurkin. Form 1998 through 2002, the unit was awarded second place for best Clown Unit at the Imperial Session. At the Imperial Session in 2003, held in Philadelphia, the unit was named best overall Clown Unit.

 The Sam McLurkin Clown Unit visits Hugh Spalding Children’s Hospital and senior citizens homes each month. In addition, the Unit participates in local parades and community-based functions. Charitable contributions are also given during the year which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and toys for the kids at Christmas time. During the Annual Clown Unit Ball held each New Years Eve, two Clowns are roasted, and the Sam McLurkin Citizen of the Year are awarded.

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