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Nabbar Temple
Motor Unit

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Motor Unit History

The unit was formed in 1988 by eight Nobles who met a Noble W. T. Morrow’s Masonic supply store. In 1990 Nobles W. T. Morrow, Primis James, Tommy Moton, John Noird, Jr., Gary Boykin, Darrell Bullock, Jessie Gleaton and Leon Carter purchased the first eight cars. DashingNobles in “Lil Red Mini-Cars!” These Nobles quickly discovered this unit would require members that understood “hard” work for the incomparable pleasure they would enjoy. Their first Imperial Session appearance was Detroit, Michigan.

Since that great debut, the unit was performed at every Imperial Session except for St. Louis, Missouri in 1994. They have participated in Christmas parades, and a host of other events. New 5hp engines were added in 1997. Lots of hard work? You betcha! But 45mph and 4 inches off the ground is a lot of fun also.

Current Members; John Bailey, Kenneth Brandtley, James Freeman, Primis James, Rob James Matthew Lewis, W.T. Morrow, Ray Morris, Tommy Moton, John Noird Jr., Gus Singleton and Darren Smith. Honorary Member: Charles Ferguson.

The unit is the current world champions for PHA Shrine Mini-Cars. The won 3 rd place in 1996;
1 st place in 1998 and 1999.

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