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Nabbar Temple
Bicycle Unit

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The History of the Bicycle Unit

The Bicycle Unit was formed in May 2003 with the request from the Imperial Director of Clowns, Georgia Allen with the blessings of the Temple. Noble R. L. Mathis was appointed Captain, Noble Keith Jackson served as Co-Captain, Noble Gary Claxton served as Treasurer and Noble Clifford Badie served as Recorder. The four appointed officers worked long and hard filing the necessary paperwork and recruiting new members.

The newly formed Bicycle Unit attended the 2003 Imperial Session in Philadelphia, using rented equipment, participated in the Sunday and Monday Ride. Utilizing the help of Nobles PP John Noird, PP John Bailey, and Gerald Geter, Nabbar Temple represented in their first parade as a Bicycle Unit. For their efforts, they brought home a very large trophy for winning first place as the Best Dressed Unit as well as Per Diem.  In one year, the unit added over 10 new members, purchased 10 bicycles and a 6’ by 12’ trailer to house and transport our bicycles. The unit also participated in a parade in College Park, Georgia our Desert Conference Parage in Valdosta, Georgia as well as set up a workshop to encourage other Temples to start new Bicycle Units. We assisted with parking at the annual Black Rodeo competition in Douglasville, Georgia. The unit practice with purpose every Sunday readying ourselves for competition.

Nabbar Temple Bicycle Unit continued to flourish in 2014 with Noble Greg McCoy as Director and Noble Bobby Williams as Captain. The unit participated in the Marietta City MLK Day parade, the City of Lula Day Parade, Gala Day and Imperial Session in Phoenix, Arizona. The unit supported several events sponsored by Nabbar Temple. The Potentate Ball, Family and Friends Day and the Youth Day at the UMCA of Decatur. They established the Nabbar Temple BicycleUnit Youth and sponsored them in several events.

In 2015, the officers were Noble Bobby Williams served as Director and Noble Aldric Little served as Captain. The unit participated in the Marietta City MLK Day Parade, the City of Lila Day Parade, Gala Day, and Imperial Session in Cincinnati, OH. The unit supported all events
sponsored by Nabbar Temple. The Potentate Ball, family and friends day, Youth Day at John Hope Elementary School, and had several successful fundraisers that established the Unit financially in good standing. The unit continued to support our Youth Unit and the Knights of
Pythagoras to go to summer camp and a trip to Washington, DC for the Million Man March.

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