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         53rd Illustrious Potentate          Noble Zawadi Allen


From Desk of the Illustrious Potentate 

As-salamu alaykum!

I humbly greet you as the 53rd Illustrious Potentate of Historic Nabbar Temple #128 of the AEAONMS of North and South America and its Jurisdictions Inc. Prince Hall Affiliated. 

Located in the Oasis of Atlanta, Desert of Georgia. 


Ahla oushlea to the Nabbar Temple No.128 website. This site will provide you with the rich history of our Temple, Divan members, community service, events, and Auxiliary Units. So feel free to click, explore, and enjoy! If you have any questions you are only a one click away. 

 Illustrious Potentate,

 Noble Zawadi Zel Allen, Sr. 33rd 

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